S.S.S. Polaris BSA  SEA SCOUT  -  UNIT 2017

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Welcome to Sea Scout Ship 2017  serving the West Sacramento and Sacramento areas. We would like to invite young men and women, ages 13 - 20, to come check us out and join our ranks.

We’ve got an incredible program designed to keep new scouting recruits focus on fun and education. We specialize in a number of STEM type positions as well as offer leadership opportunities to prepare both boy and girls for adulthood.

For more information email our head officer Susan Mihanovich at CommitteeChair@Ship2017.com.


Both young men and women learn through experience the wonders of boating. They’re adventure will give them opportunity for both local and abroad activities. Mastering skills will help build their character and give them the tools that can be used throughout adulthood.

Some skill that will be learned are:

In The News

Polaris Lives!

Our USN motor surf boat has been mechanically restored and runs great after 2 decades on land.

A special thanks to all the members of our unit and community that came together to make this possible.

New Kid on the Block

We’d like to announce the newest addition to our growing fleet. A 24’ sailboat the group has named Capricorn. Look for great photos in the future for its adventures.

Meeting Dates

Thursdays at 6:30 PM at the Faith Presbyterian Church located at 625 Florin Rd. in the pocket area.

Check the calendar for any special event changes!

Too many teens today hide out in their rooms with their faces buried in their smart phones or game systems playing the latest game. But there’s an alternative. You an get out and experience live like some of our kids did. They took their latest acquisition, the Capricorn, a 24’ sailboat out to lake Folsom and enjoyed a day on the water. Some of our newer scouts learned the basics while some of our more experienced scouts honed their sailing skills.

This is one of several vessels that we have that allow our scouts to enjoy the outdoors and have an incredibly fun time leaning skills that they can take with them through the rest of their life. DEFINITELY TIME WILL SPENT!


With over 50 combined years of leadership experience from our parent volunteers and an obvious excitement and desire from our scouts we know we have a great program. And we know that this program can accommodate many more who could benefit from the experience and give the average teen an opportunity that many don’t normally get.

BUT, we very much need your help to keep it going. We need the communities, families, and friends to help support the affording the costs that go along wiith a valued program like this.

Please take a moment and find it in your heart, especially at this time of year, and donate to our program. Any help, no matter how small, would be a great assistance in keeping this program alive and touching the lives of many teens to come. Thank You!

Welcome Aboard!

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