S.S.S. Polaris BSA  SEA SCOUT  -  UNIT 2017


The mission of Sea Scout Ship 2017 is to provide a meaningful introduction to the traditions and skills of the sea while promoting the ideals of the Boy Scouts of America. To engage high school/college age young men and women of the Sacramento area for the purpose of developing technical and leadership skills in a dynamic nautical environment.

This program is for the members and by the members. Throughout all facets of our operations we will focus on developing peer leadership, problem solving, and ethics while having fun at the same time.

Florida Keys Sailing - 2015


The Eagles Nest Society is a group of established outdoors men and women that have decided to band together to provide opportunities for disadvantaged kids to participate in summer camp programs. Whether its a local community church or a large program like the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts we strive to help as many boys and girls as we can to discover what opportunities are actually out there.

With this in mind we have decided to sponsor the newest Sea Scout unit in Sacramento, Ship 2017. We’re very excited about their program and are looking forward to see what fruit will bare from the trees that have now been planted.  Their program is fun and educational and is lead by so very enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable parents. These new leaders have demonstrated a willingness to guide both boys and girls in an adventure opportunity that many would not normally be able to experience. We’d like to thank them for giving up so much of their time to inspire so many in the art of seamanship.


Lana Fowler


As the Skipper of Sea Scout Ship 2017 I want to extend an invitation to all 13 to 21 year olds who want to experience challenging adventures, learn valuable skills, and make lifelong friends through boating and other water related activities, to come and join our Ship.  Sea Scouting is often described as Scout BSA's best kept secret and having participated in the activities of Sea Scouting and meeting members throughout Northern California I can say without reservation that this is true.

Our program is designed for young men and women regardless of prior Scouting experience.  It includes the opportunity for members to earn the rank of Quartermaster (the highest Sea Scout award that is on par with the Scout BSA rank of Eagle Scout) as well as the opportunity for Scouts who have earned the rank of First Class in a traditional Scout BSA Troop to continue working toward their Eagle Scout rank (the highest rank in Scouts BSA.)  Both of these achievements are recognized by our Nation's armed forces and the United States Coast Guard as qualifying one for advanced rank at time of enlistment, and by others as a signature accomplishment when being considered for scholarships, admission to college, or for private sector employment.

While most activities are related to and conducted over, on, or under water, including sailing, power boating, piloting, navigation, and safety at sea, it is not unusual to find the Ship hiking, camping, participating in shooting sports, or attending social events where having fun is the main goal.  To these many activities we add frequent public service events in support of our community.  Sea Scouting has found the path to character, career, leadership, and skills development through a truly challenging and FUN program that is planned and executed by its youth members.

So, Scouting novice or seasoned Troop member, come and see what you have been missing in creating your BEST memories.

Marc Grimm

Skipper, SS Ship 2017



Welcome to Sea Scout Ship 2017,

I am thrilled to have you join our Ship.  As a unit we are committed to helping our youth get on the water. We encourage the youth to work on our ships and to learn how to safely handle all of our equipment.  The youth learn by doing!

I have been involved, as an adult, with Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts for over 20 years.  It is my pleasure to serve as committee chair. I look forward to helping the young men and women of our ship work toward earning the rank of Quartermaster for themselves. I will be working work closely with the Skipper and Committee to make sure we have the best program we can provide for our scouts.

We encourage every family to be engaged in the Ship to make things happen and operate smoothly. We encourage every parent to try and make it to our monthly Committee meetings. This is where we plan the program for the ship. If you have any ideas or problems with the way the program is heading, please feel free to contact us. We will be working hard to make everything we do to be as fun as we can. We believe with the help from our families we can make our program one of the best. We look forward to a fun-packed program, as we get on the water.

Thank you

Susan Mihanovich

Parent Committee Chairman